• Director's 9th Annual Tunawards - 2018

" 80% of success is just showing up"

Woody Allen

Started as an annual event just prior to Thanksgiving of 2010, these awards were initiated by Music Director Bob Shami after receiving a suggestion from Chapter member Bryan Schmidt that delivering actual fish might be a way for Bob to show his appreciation of chorus member's efforts, as opposed to a Director's normal role of finding errors and trying to fix them. His choice to distribute these awards just prior to the Canadian Thanksgiving is a deliberate one. 


Why tuna?

We often say that on those occasions when the Director gives out compliments to the chorus, it is like distributing fish to trained seals. Bob took Bryan up on his suggestion and so was born the Tunawards, (pronounced Tune-Awards): the tradition of giving an actual can of tuna to those deserving special recognition.  89 cans of tuna have been awarded since the first TUNAWARDS in 2009/2010


Woody Allen was right!

The single most important thing a singer can do to improve his own success as a singer and the success also of the whole group, is to simply attend as many rehearsals as possible. And to attend with "purpose". That way, the improvements we make each week as a group are carried forward by the maximum number of singers. We don't have to spend as much time reteaching the ones who missed last week.


If we see ourselves as musicians, taking seriously our responsibility to the music and to one another, it begins by being a regular attendee at rehearsal to the best of our ability.  Tunawards are therefore mostly based on attendance-related achievements.






Given annually to the first-year member who, in his first season, attends the highest percentage of the 45 scheduled chorus events, with a minimum attendance of 75%.   A virtual tie this year, especially given how both these fellows have stepped up in tandem to fill big shoes left by Mike Doherty who is currently on hiatus.


  • ALEX TRECROCE - with 84% attendance in his rookie year, starting Sept 2017
  • DAN LANCE - with 90% attendance, starting Dec. 2017
  • KARL RUMPLE - Special Rookie of the Year Honour - Learning two shows worth of music in the shortest time since he joined us in late Jan. 2018, along with 78% attendance


Given annually to any member who, in the past year, achieved 100% attendance at all 45 scheduled chorus events:



Given annually to members who achieved the greatest improvement in their attendance compared to the previous year.  This usually means those whose attendance improved by 15% or more.

  • ART FINK - attended 82% of chorus events this year, an increase of 18%

  • DOUG ILES - attended 86% of chorus events this year, an increase of 20%


Given annually to any member who, in the past year, achieved his personal-best attendance of any year since record-keeping began in 2002.

  • PIERRE BOIVIN - with attendance of 80%!
  • RICHARD BUJOLD-VALL√ČE - with attendance of 66%


  Al Carscadden - 2016 BOTY2018 BIG KAHUNA TUNA - AL CARSCADDEN, seen here with his 2016 "Barbershopper of the Year" trophy, which is more impressive than a photo of him holding a can of tuna would be!

A special award, given at the Director's discretion, to a member who has displayed extraordinary faithfulness and dedication to the chorus over many years.


The 2018 winner of the Big

Kahuna-Tuna Tunaward:


A 51-year member, Al has averaged 70% attendance since 2002 and continues to be a solid contributor to the bari section.  He always knows his music and is an inspiration to the entire chorus - the kind of solid chapter member at the core of any successful chapter.  That's worth at least a can of tuna from his grateful director and former quartet mate!


Previous Big Kahuna-Tuna's:

  • 2017 - JIM DUNCAN

  • 2016 - DOUG ILES

  • 2015 - DANNY RAE

  • 2014 - LAYNE HILL

  • 2013 - JIM TOWNSEND

  • 2012 - AL BROWN

  • 2011 - DON WHITE

  • 2010 - MIKE LUTHER


Awarded to a member whose extraordinary faithfulness and dedication often occurs mainly behind the scenes and whose contributions therefore may otherwise go unnoticed by the membership of the chorus at large. This award may not necessarily be awarded in any given year but in any year when a member steps up and makes a special contribution, such effort is recognized.


The 2018 winner of the UNSUNG "GREATER-TUNA" TUNAWARD:


Marie and Folgo DellaVedova - Feb. 10 2018Marie and Folgo DellaVedova - at the 2018 Valentine Social held Feb. 10 2018

A 13-year member with an 83% attendance record over that time, this tells but a portion of his contributions to the chorus.  He has served a Show Chairman for the past several years and has been Chapter President - usually a thankless task - for the past 9 years and counting.  Folgo's dedication to his music, to the well-being of the chapter and to its members is absolute and so very much appreciated if seldom formally recognized.  His skills at tact, diplomacy, organization and (occasionally) crisis management have served the chorus in good stead.  He is an inspiration to the chorus and exemplifies the best qualities of chorus brotherhood. Congrats to Folgo and a big thank you from all of us for your service and commitment to the Chapter!


Previous Unsung "Greater-Tuna's":

  • STEPHEN RUTTI - 2017

  • ART FINK - 2016


  • KEVIN COLLAR - 2014

  • DON MYERS - 2013

Congratulations to all of this year's TUNAWARD winners!


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