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The highest honour ever accorded to a member of the Northland Chorus is to be awarded the Barbershopper of the Year trophy, a work hand-crafted by now-deceased chorus member Ross Christie.  It is awarded annually in memory of the late Eugene Haines, a long time chapter member and chorus director.  It recognizes, in the words of 2015 BOTY Al Murray: 

" dedication to our chorus and craft, not just this past year but more importantly for all the years he has been with us. In other words, true dedication."  

The chorus nominates candidates for this award and the final selection is made by a committee comprised of the Chapter President and the past two BOTY recipients.  The criteria which guides their selection and the current nomination form are available at the links below.


The 2019 Barbershopper(s) of the Year

for the first time ever - Dual Winners:






Folgo Della Vedova 2019 BOTY Winners Dan Lance  Alex Trecroce 2018 BOTY Jesse Lethbridge - Feb. 08 2020Folgo Della Vedova - Chapter President (left), Dan Lance & Alex Trecroce (centre) - Incoming *first ever* joint winners:  2019 Barbershoppers of the Year,  Jesse Lethbridge (right) - Outgoing 2018 Barbershopper of the Year.  Feb. 08, 2019


Dan Lance  Alex Trecroce - 2019 BOTY Feb. 08 2020

The text of the speech made by outgoing Barbershopper of the Year, Jesse Lethbridge in announcing this year's recipient at the annual Valentine Social, is as follows:

"The Barbershopper of the Year is awarded to an individual for his dedication and contribution to our chorus and craft. 

"As last year’s recipient of the BOTY, I have the honour of passing the trophy and title to the next winner for another year of safe stewardship. Every year the recipient brings different values and contributions that benefit our chorus. This year’s announcement is not likely to repeat in the foreseeable future. Camaraderie, helpfulness, determination and teamwork characterize this recipient.


"Teamwork that has been demonstrated throughout the year speaks to the brotherhood of chorus singers, practicing weekly and spending time being constructive and supportive. In addition to teamwork the recipient has gone above and beyond engagement in all aspects of chorus activities, even working after class you might say.


"This year’s decision to select only one recipient was so difficult that it was decided to award the honour to a pair of terrific and deserving individuals. Notably, their attendance records last year were 93% and 100% respectively. Not a bad record to start things off, eh?


"After losing some section leaders last year the recipients together stepped up to fill some big shoes.  They made the decision as a team and took great strides in demonstrating leadership with confidence, determination and hard work.


"These gentlemen joined the chorus-teaching group and filled an important gap for our organization. And what good section leaders they became. One of the pair suggested that the teaching group, consisting of two leaders from each section, form an octet that later becoming known as, “After Class”. This octet has successfully performed at several public events since its inception.


"The other one in the pair while battling a medical condition demonstrated great determination and love for our craft. He further spent extra time with students at his school teaching them a two-part harmony song that was scheduled to be performed in last year's show.


"Unable to split this amazing duo, the Northland Barbershop Chorus for the first time awards this honour to two recipients.

"It is my pleasure and honour to announce and present the 2019 Barbershopper of the Year Award to…


Congratulations gentlemen!"

Barbershopper of the Year Award Winners - Revised 2020.pdf


Barbershopper of the Year Award Winners - Revised 2020.docx

Barbershopper of the Year Award - Criteria Guidelines.doc

Past Barbershopper of the Year Recipients:

1965       Art Bodley

1966       Ken MacPherson

1967       Don Bazely    

1968       Gordon Saxby

1969       Ed Briggs

1970       Ross Christie  

1971       Not Awarded

1972       Ed Cloutier

1973       Richard Metcalfe

1974       Joe Rogers

1975       John Greco

1976       Eugene Haines

1977       Gerry Clowes

1978       Al Binkley

1979       Wes Triplett

1980       John Tully

1981       Ernie Guzzo

1982       Doug Iles

1983       Barney Coulter

1984       Bob Cameron

1985       Don Bazely

1986       Bob Shami

1987       Al Carscadden

1988       Jim Duncan

1989       Capt. Cliff McLean

1990       Paul Stabile

1991       Barney Coulter

1992       Bob Martin

1993       Bob Shami

1994       Dan Rae

1995       Mike Luther

1996       Sean McMurray

1997       Loyal Beggs

1998       Bill Webb

1999       Doug Iles

2000       Ross Christie

2001       Bernie Arbic

2002       Al Toivonen

2003       Art Fink

2004       Jim Lake

2005       Bob Holley

2006       Peter McLarty

2007       Wes Triplett

2008       Folgo DellaVedova

2009       Jim Schmidt

2010       Don Myers

2011       Ted McKinney

2012       Don White

2013       Mickey Contini

2014       Kevin Collar

2015       Al Murray

2016       Al Carscadden

2017       Layne Hill

2018       Jesse Lethbridge

2019       Dan Lance & Alex Trecroce


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